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Orange claw hermit crab, Calcinus tibicen, are common but not as common as blue leg hermits. They are shallow water hermits found throughout Florida and the Caribbean.  Like many of the small hermits they are often used as part of a clean up crew because they will eat any stray bits of food, and will graze on unwanted algae.  They are small crabs and rarely get big enough to live in much more than a medium sized astrea or cerith snail shell but most of the time, orange claw hermit crabs are bigger than blue legs.

They are compatible with most other crabs, and don’t eat live corals or gorgonia. Orange claw hermit crabs are sometimes also called red legs but our common name is more accurate.

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8 reviews for Orange Claw Hermit Crab

  1. hazynmay (verified owner)

    Love these guys! So cute. They do get big though! (Love that to!!)

  2. Andy szekeres

    The packing sealife inc does cannot be beat. After a whole delay dealing with the USPS’s epic failure and chilly temps all but one of the hermits were alive. I go to Sealife INC for everything when it comes to my clean up crew.

  3. Todd Alvis

    Shipped well and started scavenging immediately. Nice addition to the crew.

  4. Jon Williams

    I agree with the fast growing that has been said before, but I do have to say, these crabs are amazing at clean-up and they do not mess with any of the other inhabitants of the tank even though they can get large. They even seem to get along well with each other. We have one that is huge and we got it in a small shelll to begin with. Model citizens.

  5. Tyler Matheny

    I ordered 10 and got 13. Amazing how you just just drop them in the tank and they take off right off the bat. Good cleanup crew and fast growing.

  6. michael mattox

    These guys are great! Like others have said I have never seen these at a LFS, and I have been in the hobby for about 20 years now. I can tell you they behave very well, are nice and small, and do a great job scurrying about doing a wonderful job cleaning things up. Plus they are very nice looking with interesting colors. I will always keep these in my reefs from now on.

  7. Rachael Leslie

    These guys are really beautiful. I’ve never seen them in a local fish shop, and what a bargain for the price! I ordered 20 and got 24! I’m a customer for life!

  8. Tonya Fisher

    These guys took to their janitorial work right away. Prefer them over scarlets as the scarlets always seemed to be fighting and/or just lounging.

    They are very small – a plus in my book. I have one that swapped his cerith shell for an astrea shell, pretty comical considering it’s at least twice the size he is!

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