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The Orange Ricordea color morph of Ricordea florida is one of the most beautiful and  sought after ricordea available.  The photo is representative of what they look like, but there are quite a few subtle variations in the color of the body and the color of the mouth, so it’s really almost impossible to list all the different variations and keep track of them.  Our Orange Ricordea are all nice, so don’t worry about getting a dud.

Orange Ricordea polyps are great starter “corals” and add a nice splash of color to any reef tank.  They come from fairly shallow water and are photosynthetic, so they will thrive in a well-lit aquarium.  The will derive most of their nutrition from the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, but some sort of supplemental micro food will be beneficial to them.  The get along with other color morphs of Ricordea florida, so you can mix and match as you please.

These are loose polyps that are not attached to any substrate.  They will attach to almost any clean substrate in your tank, or can be epoxied or superglued to whatever substrate you want.  Ricordea florida are extremely hardy corallimorphs that add lots of color and variety to your aquarium.  All ricordea are photosynthetic and will require moderate light to thrive.  They also will need to be fed some sort of planktonic food, much like you would use for corals.  We suggest light dusting with some sort of small particle food will do the trick.

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15 reviews for Orange Ricordea

  1. makweave (verified owner)

    Came exactly as described, orange with a purple center and teal mouth. Always healthy stock from KP.

  2. fishnshrimps (verified owner)

    Nice size, great colors. I’ve ordered one twice, both times asking for one with some blue on it, and both times got one with some blue on it.

  3. voupex (verified owner)

    Really pretty ricordia. Such a nice contrast from the other normal colors. A small specimen but It’s healthy and it should grow.

  4. gtw1993

    This was the last part of my order last week and it besides the Yellow Sea whip, this is my favorite coral I got from y’all. I just love the color it adds to my tank,

  5. Warren (verified owner)

    this was the second order I have made from KP aquatics and once again the ricordeas were awesome the colors were just like the picture and even better they acclimated great and the next morning were out in full glory packaging was superb I really like the heat sealed bags I will definitely be back to order more from KP Aquatics

  6. Marcella

    Just wow. I have this orange ric over a year and the color is amazing. Its still as healthy as the day I received it. I have been waiting patiently until they had a yellow one in stock and I pounced as soon as I saw it!

    The orange and yellow are my favorites. They are bright under regular lighting but under my blue leds they POP like crazy!

  7. tito Hinojosa

    beautiful color once again!! bright orange with dark blue/purple outline. size is about 1.5 inches. very healthy looking.

  8. robert murdy

    Great lookin Ric. Looks great next to the blue and green ric’s. Buy from Ken, his livestock is healthy, his shipping (2 day) is the best around, and the customer service is immediate and accomodating. You will not regret buying from Ken.

  9. Lisa Schwamkrug

    I’ve had mine for a week now. It opened up on the first day and has a dramatic neon orange color. You can’t go wrong with rics from Sea Life Inc. The colors on all the rics I’ve ordered have all been bright and stunning. As always, packing was excellent and they arrived in perfect condition. Thanks!

  10. michael mattox

    very bright, spread really fast. one of the best looking ricordeas, adds a nice neon orange to a reef tank.

  11. Christine Gilbert

    This Ric is AMAZING! The color is so intense…I called the whole family to come look while it was acclimating…no lights on! GLOWS sooo bright under actinics…I would love to buy 100 more! A+

  12. van ardon

    kool orange ricordea, it is just like the picture, you will not regret buying from this site!!!

  13. Debra Piedra

    Gorgeous coral. Great colors… really nice contrast next to the steel blue ricordia.

  14. Elliott Baer

    I received mine in EXCELLENT condtion. Within an hour it was opened up. Mine looks Exactly like the one in the picture, even has a second mouth. I will definatley be ordering some more ric. within the next few months.

  15. Neil Harvey

    Picture just does not do it justice, much prettier in person!

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