Painted Reef Butterfly

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This butterfly fish, Chaetodon sedentarius, is commonly know as a Reef butterfly, Painted Reef Butterfly. Most butterfly fish are known to be a peaceful fish and that gets along with most other fish.  They can be picky with food choices They tend to pick on corals so they are not reef safe.

Small: 1 to 2 inches

Medium: 2 to 3 inches

Large: 3 to 4 inches

Please Note:  Any new fish purchased from us or from a local pet store should to be quarantined.  All fish from anywhere in the wild can be possible carriers of bacteria and protozoa that can lead to an infection in your system, so we always recommend that you use some sort of quarantine system prior to adding them to your system.  If you have a fish only system and can medicate the whole system, you may not need a separate quarantine tank.  If you have a reef system that cannot be medicated, a good ultraviolet sterilization system should prevent any kind of disease outbreak.  We medicate our system for bacterial infections and protozoans, but because we don’t always hold our fish for long periods of time, there is no way to be sure all the protozoan cysts have been killed.  A little bit of prevention will save you lots of trouble down the line.

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  1. Sharyn Z Wertz

    After researching this species, I ordered 3, safe in the knowledge that any collected by Ken/Kara would be the healthiest, least-stressed I could find anywhere — critical for all Chaetodonts. As usual, I wasn’t disappointed! These little guys are beautiful and started exploring their new home within an hour of being released. They’ve been busy picking at the micro- and macro algae and rockwork, and go after small Ocean Nutrition Formula One marine pellets with gusto. They’re the perfect addition to my 120g; neither aggressive towards nor intimidated the Flame Angel, Yellow Tang, 2 Yellowtail Blue Damsels and 2 Pearly Jawfish already in residence. If you’ve ever wanted to add a Butterfly to your tank, you can’t go wrong with these!

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