Pin Cushion Urchin

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Pin cushion sea urchin, Lytechinus variegatus, also commonly called a variegated sea urchin. These urchins are agressive algae eaters and will quickly eat any algae they can get to. They also have an interesting habit of collecting bits of stuff from the aquarium and carrying it around on their backs.

Small Size: These little guys are around the size of a Fifty cent piece.

Regular Size will vary from about 2″  diameter to about 3″ diameter, and color will range from purple to white to green.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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6 reviews for Pin Cushion Urchin

  1. John (verified owner)

    Wonderful nuisance algae eaters. Mine are tireless, and fun to watch.

  2. wmbordelon1 (verified owner)

    This guy arrived happy and healthy. As soon as he acclimated he started bulldozing around the tank as urchins do. He’s a beautiful all white and I could not love him more. He makes my tank. Thank you KP Aquatics for adding this character to my life!

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    This urchin is huge! Dropped a few spines in transit but as soon as it went in the tank all its feelers came right out. Very healthy.

  4. Marsha Schultz

    Fairly active, for an urchin, fun to see what it will pick up and haul around.

  5. Lori Walton

    This guy likes to “relocate” things in my tank…really amusing! He will pick up rocks, shells, mushrooms attached to small rocks.. anything that isn’t nailed down and carry them around on his back! He had seven objects attached at one time completely covering him, when he gets tired of one thing he’ll drop it and pick up another. He dosen’t hurt them in anyway just likes to redecorate I guess?!!

  6. Christian Harris

    i am very pleased with this, and i like to sit and watch it make it way throughout the tank.

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