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Pink ricordea, Ricordea florida, is an uncommon color morph that rivals the orange ricordea for stunning color.  The polyps are a dark pink to light red with purple tentacles around the outer edge. Right now they look like a green ricordea with a pink layer on top which we still have to upload a picture for. The mouth is usually pink, but some have a more purply mouth.

They are generally about 1.5″ in diameter when fully inflated, but they may get a little bit bigger once they’re acclimated into your system.

We only sell loose polyps that are not attached to any significant amount of substrate.  They will eventually attach to any clean substrate in your tank, or you can epoxy or superglue them to what ever you want.  They can take intense light, but will thrive in medium light conditions as well.
Sometimes you just have to experiment with the placement to get the best
color results.

All of the ricordea we sell are extremely hardy and are great for any level of reef keeper, from the novice to the pros.  They are primarily photosynthetic, but should be fed some sort of supplemental planktonic foods.  In the wild they eat the organic dust and silt that settles on them, so when feeding them, dust them with food.

Ricordea reproduce primarily by division, so eventually these single mouth polyps will form a second mouth and begin the process of division.  Many people help this division process along by cutting them in half between the mouths, or by just nicking them which seems to stimulate development of a second or third mouth.. This may seem radical, but it works and they almost always survive the process.  If you are pondering doing this, I would suggest you do some more homework before you try it.

Ricordea ship very well by priority mail and can easily survive a three or four-day ship time.



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