Purple Plume – Purple Bush Gorgonian

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Muriceopsis flavida, also called Rough Sea Plume or Purple Brush Gorgonian. This is a rather common, shallow water gorgonian found throughout the tropical Western Atlantic. Like most shallow water gorgonia, it is photosynthetic, so it will do best in a well-lit tank. It is an active planktonic feeder and should be fed some sort of micro food on a regular basis. Most gorgonian like currents, so keep that in mind when placing them in your tank. Gorgonians are also referred to as octocorals or soft corals, so if you se these terms used in any of my descriptions or anywhere else, you’ll know they are the same thing.

Most of the gorgonian we sell have some sort of base to them, which you can mount onto a rock with super glue or epoxy.  I prefer to use epoxy because it is less likely to fall off after a few months, but gel super glue works too.  Most gorgonia can be safely pruned if they get too big, and the cuttings will grow and survive if mounted on something stable.

We have started to also get frags from colonies in the ocean which means it is possible that you will get a gorgonian on a frag plug. It just depends where I went diving and what was available.

Nano: 2 to 4 inches

Normal: >4 to 8 inches

Large: >8 to 12 inches

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19 reviews for Purple Plume – Purple Bush Gorgonian

  1. 7mcguffins (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy, beautiful colouring, packaged well, and was sent a piece over 6″ in length even though I only ordered a nano! Thank you.

  2. shornik (verified owner)

    The gorgonian I received is a darker purple then the one pictured, but it is beautiful. It was packaged great and arrived very healthy. Polyps opened pretty quickly after putting it in my tank where so far it seems very happy. I really like that the Gorgs from K&P aren’t glued onto any frag plugs as it makes it easier to place them where you want them. I couldn’t recommend this and other Gorg’s more, they are wonderful.

  3. gabriel (verified owner)

    Very nice piece of Purple Plume! very healthy specimen that had nice polyp extension when acclimated to my tank.

  4. Jacky (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece and very nice size for the nano version. The base was easy to glue to main rock. Looks just like the photo on the website.

  5. Matt Pedersen

    Once again, very, very pleased. This is a solid, reliable gorgonian species in the aquarium…mine tend to grow well without any supplemental feeding. As always, the quality is top-notch.

  6. Michael Phelps

    Ordered one, Ken/Kara sent two. Great shipping and packing. Both had polyp extension less than 3 hours in my system.

  7. Patricia Husband

    I have ordered two of these beautiful gorgonians and they are doing quite well. They are beautiful, hardy and growing. Ken and crew provide really nice, healthy gorgonians. Thanks guys.

  8. Moses Taryanik

    I purchased this Gorgonia exactly 12 months ago and it is doing very well and has grow a ton! The gorgonia has a beautiful purple color and tan polyps, Ken sells the most healthiest and beautiful specimens around!

  9. Richard Andres

    I had to write another review just to let people know how great these gorgonias are. All of Ken’s gorgonias are the healthiest specimens you will find anywhere. I have ordered several over the years for various tanks, all the species I have ordered look fantastic and are so much more healthy that anything at the LFS. Top quality livestock and service is standard at Sea Life.

  10. michael mattox

    Great additions, add interesting branched appearance. Very hardy, I have had to prune mine several times, so you will be able to frag it and make some trades with fellow reefers. As a plus if you get a basket star from Ken here at sea life it will use this gorgonia as a host and it really is an interesting relationship. I doubt the gorg gets any real benefit from this relationship, but it does not suffer from it either.

  11. Carol Anderson

    What a lovely piece. Very nice size and really brightens up the tank. I am sold on Sea Life, Inc!

  12. Marsha Schultz

    Great bright purple color, nice size and shape. Arrived in great shape and polyps came out soon.

  13. vickie doles

    I ordered 2 of the purple plumes and they even were nicer than i expected and the polyps were open the first day! only regret…i didn’t order more.

  14. Richard Andres

    A great coral at a great price! It is tough to find quality gorgonias at your local fish store since they have gone through so much shipping to get there. Buying directly from the diver is the best way to go for gorgonias, 24hrs from his tank to yours, no middle men. Color is exactly as depicted and specimen is very healthy and good size. This site is the best!

  15. Janie Darlene Lyons

    Great size and color. Specimen was very healthy. I plan on ordering again.

  16. Gerald Jeffers

    real nice color ads a great splash of color very nice

  17. Lori Walton

    Wow what a color..deffinately brightens everything up! Arrived in perfect shape! keep up the good work guys!

  18. Chris Newton

    This coral added a very beautiful purple to my tank. Mine is very easily propagated and extends it’s purple polyps the majority of the time creating a “”fuzzy”” appearance. Everything was expertly packaged and arrived in great condition.

  19. Red Angel

    Adds a nice color to my tank, looks great husband is planning to prune some for his. Thanks

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