Queen Angelfish

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Care Level: Intermediate

Minimum Tank Requirements: 100 Gallons

Diet: Omnivore

Reef Safe: No

Temperament: Semi-agressive


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Queen Angelfish, Holocanthus ciliaris, net caught in the Florida Keys.  Queen angelfish are without a doubt one of the prettiest angelfish found in the Caribbean.  Although they look a lot like a blue angelfish at all sizes, they tend to have more vibrant colors and seem to maintain those vibrant colors throughout their lives.
Queen angelfish will live a long time in an aquarium, and if you have a big tank, they will grow pretty big.  They will eat just about anything, but there are special foods on the market that will enhance their color and balance out their diet, so I would suggest that you switch foods occasionally to keep them looking their best.
Small queens and blues will fight if kept in the same aquarium, so pick one or the other but not both.  Most of the larger angelfish from the Caribbean are not considered “Reef Safe” because they pick at corals and invertebrates, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about adding one to a tank with corals, clams, or sea anemones.

Small: 1.75 to <3 inches

Medium: 3 to <5 inches

Large: 5 to <7 inches

XL: 7 to 8 inches

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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14 reviews for Queen Angelfish

  1. genevanvoorst (verified owner)

    Ordered the small queen angelfish and am not disappointed. The queen took about two days to get comfortable and she comes to greet me every time I am around the aquarium. Voracious eater of algae and what ever I feed her. The queen is not interested in any thing she can not get in her mouth.
    Thanks for the best experience in ordering, shipping and the queen of my tank.

  2. Gary Shurland (verified owner)

    First time ordering from here and defintely not disapointed. Fish came in healthy and is doing great!!!
    Size of fish was much biiger than I thought and cant beat this price anywhere!! Will defintely order from here again!!

  3. David

    I am a repeat Customer and ordered a Blackcap Basslet, yellowhead jawfish, neon gobies, etc. Philipp is always a pleasure to work with, the fish and inverts came in very healthy and colorful. I had the chance to meet Philipp, a wonderful person to deal with.
    I highly recommend KP Aquatics for all of your Salt water Aquarium needs.
    David E

  4. Eric Berry (verified owner)

    I Purchased a Queen Angel two weeks ago,and it came healthy and lively Acclimated just find to it’s new home so far She’s eating very well and seems to adjust very well ….. I just placed and order for a Caribbean Blue Tang and I’m hoping she comes as pretty as my Queen did,I really feel the passion that they put toward selling there Fish ,I wouldn’t think about buying somewhere else,Thank You and keep up the good work……..

  5. michaelmjohn (verified owner)

    There was a shipping question and the owner called me directly. Not only did we work that out, but I asked him if he could get as close to 6 inches as he could. He said he would and when I got my Queen, she was PERFECT. Just the size I needed and in awesome shape. As colorful as a fish could be. As usual, it took a bit for her to get adjusted. She is eating like a piggy and just keeps coloring up more. I have been doing fish for 30 years and this is my first time here. I usually deal with the big boys. But KP is now at the top of my list. The price and quality can’t be beat. I like a family business and will be doing more with them.

  6. coralkeepersco (verified owner)

    Amazing fish with a ton of personality, though a wee bit shy when first introduced. Gets along great in my reef tank, and have been content and fat on regular feedings. No nipped corals with this one!

  7. Alton Vrana

    I received two perfect Queen Angels, they acclimated very well and ate a couple hours after coming in. You guys are the best, thanks Kara and Phillip

  8. Matt Pedersen

    Ordered two specimens and asked Kara and Philipp to provide a size difference (as I intend to try to pair this species). Kara and Philipp handled this special request very well, and sent two perfect fish. I could not be more pleased (high satisfaction has been a running theme with first Ken, and now his daughter Kara and her great husband Philipp). Support a family business, and buy from Sea Life Inc / KP Aquatics!

  9. Ben Willis

    Exquisite fish. Very colorful. Arrived in EXCELLENT shape. Nicest thing I ever put in any of my aquariums.

  10. Gerald Jeffers

    what can i say ken has the best and will only sell the best this fish is a great deal and so pretty constantly eating of the live rock thanks for a quality fish

  11. James Mace

    by far the best fish I seen will order again Thanks
    ken Jim

  12. Frances Hunter

    very impressed with the quality and health of my queen. Started eating the same day, will definately be ordering again.

  13. Barry Mccool

    Recieved my Queen today. AWESOME example of what this species should look like. My favorite by far. Another fine fish from quality people. many Thanks

  14. Diane Schirmer

    I purchased a Queen Angel from this company in October and she is still the most attractive fish in my system! She came to me eating frozen food and perfectly acclimated to the aquarium. This company takes the time and effort to make sure the fish are healthy and will STAY healthy in your system. I WOULD GO TO NO ONE ELSE FOR THIS FISH!!!

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