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Rainbow Ricordea is a very desirable color morph of the Florida Ricordea. They fall into several different groups, and there is probably not a clear line that can be drawn between groups.  Rainbow Ricordea is a fairly distinct group that is characterized by having a lot of burnt orange with light orange highlights in the tentacles.  The mouths are pink, and the outer ring of tentacles is purple, the there are hints of green in some of the tentacles.  We only have a few of the single polyps, and a few of the double polyps, so this item will probably not be available for very long.  The polyps tend to be pretty big and will inflate to about 2″ once they settle into your system.

Rainbow Ricordea polyps are great starter “corals” and add a nice splash of color to any reef tank.  They come from fairly shallow water and are photosynthetic, so they will thrive in a well-lit aquarium.  The will derive most of their nutrition from the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, but some sort of supplemental micro food will be beneficial to them.  The get along with other color morphs of Ricordea florida, so you can mix and match as you please.

The two species of anemone shrimp from the Caribbean, Periclimenes yucatan and Periclimenes pedersoni, will readily take up residence on these ricordea polyps and provide an interesting show in your tank

As with all the ricordea we sell, these are just loose polyps and are not attached to rocks. They will readily attach to rocks in your tank or you can super glue (gel) or epoxy them to whichever rock you want.

There are very hardy animals and can be shipped safely by priority mail or FedEx two day air.

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5 reviews for Rainbow Ricordea

  1. Kenn Frantz (verified owner)

    I have a few Ricordea – this is my only rainbow. pretty little guy (same size as the ones i have). The varied colors make it really stand out. i recommend!

  2. ortizomi (verified owner)

    Super nice got the single mouth they upgraded me for free to the multiple mouth and the colors are great on it similar to picture with the green and orange can’t wait till I’m ready to place my second order.

  3. voupex (verified owner)

    So tiny but it looks just like all my other Atlantic recordia. Like one other reviewer said I had to glue it to a rock to even find it. Maybe someday it will grow and I’ll see more colors. But I honestly don’t know how they even decided what color it was as small as it is.

  4. dendemereckis (verified owner)

    I received the single mouth ricordea . Only 1/2-in in size. It was necessary to glue it immediately down. Not growing very fast after two weeks. Anxious to see that this develops into.

  5. Jason Brown

    The individual I received was a green/blue bodied and pearled with neon orange and burnt orange tentacles…alsoh multiple mouths- beautiful! I am absolutely amazed at all the ricordea I received from KP aquatics. I highly recommend this seller.

    PS. pay extra and get a double mouthed individual- you wont be disappointed.

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