Red Banded Coral Shrimp

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Red Banded Coral Shrimp, Stenopus hispidus, is the classic banded coral
shrimp found throughout the tropics worldwide

Red Banded Coral Shrimp, Stenopus hispidus, is the
classic banded coral shrimp found throughout the tropics worldwide. These come from the Caribbean and are mid
sized (not tiny, not huge). Coral
shrimp are famous for setting up cleaning stations and cleaning parasites of
large fish that stop by for a cleaning.
It’s a popular misconception that the host fish will never eat them, but
they do seem to go where no shrimp has gone before. In an aquarium they will set up a cleaning station and attempt to
clean larger (and smaller) fish that venture by. They are not dependant of ectoparasites for food though, and will
actively feed on whatever you feed the other fish. They are a showy shrimp and tend to be out in the open much of
the time. Unless you have a mated pair
or a very large tank, it’s not recommended to keep more than one per tank
because they will fight with each other.
Other shrimp of different species seem to get along fine with coral

Coral shrimp do not pick art corals or any other
invertebrates and are considered reef safe.


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5 reviews for Red Banded Coral Shrimp

  1. Delores Lewis (verified owner)

    Awesome guy. Acclimated quickly. Arrived full of spunk. He went all over testing out his new home. Quickly learned that the Anemones aren’t his friends, neighbors only. Love him and appreciate the care and time that went into KP picking my livestock.
    Packaging awesome, thanks for the heat pads.
    You guys ROCK!

  2. Tyler Matheny

    Perfect size for my 20g Nano Reef and went right to work after acclimating him!

  3. michael mattox

    great size, color, and behavior. He gets mad at my big foxface when he swims by him fast and looks like he is trying to box him, it is very comical. great scavenger.

  4. Lori Walton

    I love this shrimp! I’m coaxing him to eat out of my hand…almost there! Best deal anywhere!

  5. Red Angel

    1 for each tank, doing a great job of showing off and cleaning, was realy realy worried about them and my Snowflakes but figured Id try it So far so good Great splash of color

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