Red Brittle Starfish

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Red brittle starfish, Ophiocoma wendti, is a fairly common starfish found throughout the Keys and South Florida.  Like the other brittle stars and some serpent stars, it is a nocturnal scavenger that spends most of the daylight hours hidden under rocks but ventures out to eat at night.  Although they can get up to an inch in diameter with legs up to  6inches long, the average size we send has a body that is about 0.5 inches diameter with arms that are about 2 to 3 inches long.  They are reef safe and will eat whatever falls to the bottom. They will get along with other brittle stars from the Caribbean, and with most other Caribbean starfish.  We also sell nano versions of this same starfish.

Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. The smaller size has deeper red than then lg ones which turn more into a burgundy color.

10 reviews for Red Brittle Starfish

  1. Chris Mosher (verified owner)

    Mine are a gorgeous deep red and black. Highly recommend

  2. mnewman (verified owner)

    More of a rust color instead of red like the picture but very nice sized and healthy. Acclimated well and went into the rocks. Hopefully he comes out soon again.

  3. Todd Alvis

    Alive and acclimated without issues. Great addition to my cleaners.

  4. Kelly Darr

    This brittle starfish arrived today and has an awesome color. It is very healthy and acclimated without any problems to our 12g nano.

  5. Tyler Matheny

    Brilliant color and took off right across my tank! Thanks ken!

  6. Peter Landy

    Very interesting starfish with pretty rusty red color. Super hardy as well as friendly. It will come up to the top to eat from your finger. Compatible with just about everything I can imagine including snails.

  7. michael mattox

    nice mobile stars, with lots of color. great scavengers.

  8. Cindy E Dailey

    Mine is more of a darker red, but still a very cool critter! will be ordering more later!

  9. Jonathan Baer

    Words can not express how much I enjoy this creature! This is the neatest looking sea star I have.

  10. Rick Pawlak

    This brittle star has a brilliant, red coloring just like in the picture. I don’t know which I prefer more, this or my harlequin star.

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