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Red Finger Octocoral, Diodogorgia nodulifera, also called the colorful sea rod, is a deep-water, non-photosynthetic octocoral found off South Florida (and elsewhere in the Caribbean). There are two color phases of this species, this red phase and a yellow phase Both have white polyps and both are pretty hardy. The yellow phase seems to get bigger, sometimes 10 inches high, but the red phase seldom gets more than 6 inches high. As with all non-photosynthetic corals, you will need to feed them some sort of micro plankton type food, and it may need to be done at night.  They will do best if the lighting is not very intense, so maybe find a shady place in your tank.  They also like moving water, so a location near a moderate to strong water flow will be the best place for them.

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3 reviews for Red Finger

  1. Amanda (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful gorgonian!! I ordered the yellow and red! They are absolutely stunning together!! The red took a little longer to extend its polyps, but after a few days it had full extension! Definitely recommend ordering this gorgonian & the yellow finger. You won’t regret it!

  2. Branden Tucker

    Really great quality, better than picture. It has been a month and the polyps are always out actively feeding.

  3. Jessie Bohnenkamp

    Arrived in perfect condition. Definitely healthier than the petstore gorgonians. Very pleased at the size and it was exactly as described.

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