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Red Flame Scallop, Lima scabra, from Florida and the Caribbean.  These are common throughout their range and seem to prefer inshore habitats where there is lots of sediment and organic matter in the water.  In an aquarium they will seek out a dark place, usually in a corner or under a rock and attach themselves there with basal threads that they secrete.  They are filter feeders and will need to be fed fine particle foods like those used for corals and gorgonia.  The tentacles are not poisonous and the scallops will not hurt any other inhabitants unless they swim into the scallop and it closes on them.

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2 reviews for Red Flame Scallop

  1. Chris Mosher (verified owner)

    Gorgeous and lorge. One of my favorites. I do hate how it chooses to wedge itself in strange new places every so often, probably because one of its tank mates disturbed it though.
    I feed phyto to my tank which is seems to love

  2. enzo2022 (verified owner)

    I have had my flame scallops for over a year and they are doing great. Great color, size and health. Recently ordered more as I’m so pleased.

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