Rock Beauty Angelfish

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Rock Beauty angelfish, Holocanthus tricolor, are a fairly common Caribbean angelfish found mostly on the outer reefs in just about any depth of water. Rock beauties, like many other angelfish, are omnivorous grazers on the reef, so a varied diet in the home aquarium is the key to their survival.  Although they don’t seem to pick at corals in he wild, I would not suggest adding them to an aquarium full of corals.  Also, two rock beauties in an aquarium together will tend to fight with each other, so I would not recommend more than one.  They will get along with other angelfish, and most other fish, just not each other.

Most of the fish we ship out will either be very fresh, or will have been acclimated, quarantined, and will be eating dried pellet foods.  If you have a preference, indicate it at checkout and we’ll do out best to fulfill your wishes.

Small: 2 to 3 inches

Medium: >3 to 4 inches

Large: >4 to 5 inches

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2 reviews for Rock Beauty Angelfish

  1. Matt Pedersen

    Specifically requested the smallest Rock Beauty on hand, and was not disappointed with what I received one bit. I’ve received 3 rock beauties from another supplier – they took a little while to adjust to food. The Rock Beauty from Kara and Philipp was eating virtually immediately. It has been doing well for months now. Could not be more pleased.

  2. Frances Hunter

    recieved my rock beauty this morning, colors are vibrant and bright. Eating first thing. I hope it does as well as my queen i bought a couple of months ago, which has double in size.. THANKS KEN

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