Rooted Halimida

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Care Level: Moderate

Minimum Tank Requirements: No minimum

Diet: Calcium

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Halimida is a generic name for several different species in the Genus Halimida sp.  They are a calcareous algae found through out the shallow waters of South Florida and the Caribbean.  There are two main growth patterns, a clump style and a rooted style, and among the rooted ones there are several different species.  They also are called the Money Plant. We try to stock and sell the types that are in the picture, but at different times of the year different species look better than other types so we try to get the best type for the time of the year.  They are a lot like the other “rooted” plants we sell in that they go through growth and die off cycles, but the “root ball” will usually continue to send up new shoots after the previous plant part dies off.  The segments are calcareous and when they fall to the bottom they look like oatmeal. They do require a sufficient level of calcium to really strive and grow. These are great for your main reef tank or in your refugium.  The average height is anywhere from 2 to 5 inches.

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3 reviews for Rooted Halimida

  1. Felipe (verified owner)

    Love my halimeda, been in my tank a short while and it is already growing new branches.

  2. michael cullinan

    got two nice sized plants large root balls . nice variety of Halimida.

  3. Michelle Harrington

    I received this on 2/12/10 with my order of dwarf seahorses. It arrived in very good condition. My little ponies immediately used it for hitching. It also came with a cool little hitchhiking crab that’s in my sump.

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