Saddled Blenny

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Care Level: Beginner

Minimum Tank Requirements: 10 Gallons

Diet: Omnivore

Reef Safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Saddle blennies, Malacoctenus triangulatus, are a small, colorful blennies found throughout the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.  The colors vary quite a bit in this fish, but we only sell the ones that have red bars on them like the one pictured.
Saddle blennies are fairly easy going fish that tend to do well in most tanks.  They don’t get any bigger than 2.5″ long, so they are great for nano and pico tanks, but they are hardy enough to make it in a larger fish only system as long ad there aren’t any aggressive predators such as groupers or hamlets.  The spend most of their time either perched on a rock somewhere in the tank, or hopping from rock to rock looking for food.  They will eat most dried and frozen foods, so they are easy to keep.  I would not recommend more than one or two saddle blennies per tank because they may fight with each other if they are crowded.
Saddle blennies don’t eat or pick at corals, and will leave most invertebrates alone unless it’s something that can be eaten in one gulp.

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4 reviews for Saddled Blenny

  1. Cindy E Dailey

    Cute blenny! Has a lot of personality.. now I wish I had ordered more for my other tanks!

  2. Tim Taylor

    This is a cool fish that’s fun to watch, but mine doesn’t have a speck of red on him. He’s all brown. I emailed this to the seller and got no response.

  3. Lori Walton

    This fish has great personality! He diffenately is a keeper!

  4. Diana Graves

    Great little blenny, full of color, and minds his own business. It swims around from rock to rock and peacefully perches itself. Stays out where it can be noticed, and makes a great addition to any tank.

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