Sally Lightfoot Crab

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Sally light foot crabs, Percnon gibbesi. These are not an aggressive type of crab and can safely be kept with most other crabs, fish and invertebrates. They eat an assortment of algaes including green hair algae.

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3 reviews for Sally Lightfoot Crab

  1. Elliott Baer

    I forgot to add that this crab is fast as lightning!

  2. Elliott Baer

    Right away went and hung upside down under a rock cavew in my 30. Then after about 5 minutes, it started to come out and eat algae….ONLY 5 MINUTES!

  3. Andrew Piegols

    These little crabs are cool, they do like to hang upside down on liverock and they do a good job at keeping left over food off the bottom, they are also out more than i thought they would be, but there always coming the sand for food when their not upside down.

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