Sea Robins – Triglidae


Care Level:  Advanced

Minimum Tank Requirements:

Diet: Carnivorous but will accept large pellets down the road

Reef Safe:

Temperament:  Moderate

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Product Description


Sea Robins (triglidae), also known as gurnards, are an interesting species with large, butterfly-like pectoral fins. They also have long “feeler” fins that they use to “walk” along the sea floor, feeling for their prey. They long bodies, typically ranging between 2.5 and 7 inches. As if their over-sized fins and walking abilities don’t make them unique enough, sea robins are also a vocal species. The produce sound using their swim bladders and a few special muscles. Don’t be alarmed if you hear these guys calling out to you!



Please Note:  Any new fish purchased from us or from a local pet store should to be quarantined.  All fish from anywhere in the wild can be possible carriers of bacteria and protozoa that can lead to an infection in your system, so we always recommend that you use some sort of quarantine system prior to adding them to your system.  If you have a fish only system and can medicate the whole system, you may not need a separate quarantine tank.  If you have a reef system that cannot be medicated, a good ultraviolet sterilization system should prevent any kind of disease outbreak.  We medicate our system for bacterial infections and protozoans, but because we don’’t always hold our fish for long periods of time, there is no way to be sure all the protozoan cysts have been killed.  A little bit of prevention will save you lots of trouble down the line.


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