Spotted Sea Hare

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The spotted sea hare, Aplysia dactylomela, is one of the larger and more animated of the sea slugs.
In the wild they can get as long as maybe a foot, but in tanks they usually won’t get very big. The ones we sell are about 2″” to 4″” long and are a nice size for most tanks. They only eat algae (and lettuce), so you don’t have to worry about them eating corals or other invertebrates.  Not much seems to bother them, but if they are disturbed they can release purple ink. I don’t believe the ink is toxic, but it will be removed by carbon filtration, and it doesn’t seem to cause any problems to their tank mates.

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4 reviews for Spotted Sea Hare

  1. Phyllis Crubaugh

    I had never seen this type of Hare available before. The others I have gotten elsewhere are very pretty- dark grey on lighter grey and very handsome. This one blows them out of the water! What a lovely creature. A lot of fun to watch, she just never slows down for a second it seems. Healthy and HUGE and went right to work as soon as she was placed in the tank. Thank you so much!

  2. Andy szekeres

    The one I got today is a beast, he’s a good 6 inches and is cruising all over the tank. Really neat to watch.

  3. Candace Daitch

    Cute little guy, very different from the “bali monster” I tried before. Mine was small enough/light enough to actually sort of swim through the water which is very cool to see. Also amazing was that he went missing a week ago… figured he could be in the rock or didn’t make it, I was just cleaning some cheato out of my fuge and there he was! He went into the overflow on my 70g oceanic RR tank, down the pipe, into the sump, avoided the pumps for the skimmer & phosban controller, through the baffles, and into the return section! Scooped him back into the main and he’s MIA again .. better be eating some algae this time and not taking another ride!

  4. Gerald Jeffers

    what a animated hare eats algea like crazy what a deal if you have algae you need one nice size and a nice yellow color thanks ken

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