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  • We ship our Starter Rock via UPS and Airfreight shipping.
  • We can not ship our Rubble Rock with this product.
  • If you choose a product which is a set amount of live rock, it will ship via UPS.
  • Live rock via airfreight shipping  can not be shipped via UPS.
  • Please remember to send us the Southwest airport code when placing an airfreight order
  • Live Rock is excluded from free shipping over $300
  • We are not responsible for any unwanted hitchhikers and this is not a reason to dispute any payments.


This is aquacultured live rock is the same live rock that we use for our premium live rock and it just has a few specs of coraline algae on it.  Aquacultured starter rock is a good way to set up your basic system with out spending a lot of money.  Most people build the main framework of their system with starter rock, and dress up the outside with live rock.  The starter rock lacks the high coralline algae coverage found in our live rock, but still has some color and is loaded with the bacterial fauna you’re looking for to get that system jump-started.

The rock we use is an extremely porous type of limestone called “Miami Oolite”, which is very high in aragonite.  We don’t buy machine-sorted rock, so we don’t boast of having millions of pounds of rock in the water, but what we do have is very high quality.

If you’re looking for quality live rock, we have the oldest offshore live rock aquaculture site in The Florida Keys, and its unique location results in some spectacular live rock.  We hand select every rock that goes in the water, and leave them on the bottom for at least two years until they are ready to be harvested.

We are shipping this rock via overnight shipping. The starter aquacultured live rock will still require curing like every rock that went through the shipping process. We don’t guarantee live arrival of any hitchhikers.

This rock will have cherry looking side which is portrait in the pictures the opposite side normally looks rather plain. We make sure to grow the nicest looking side first. Coral algae comes in a variety of colors from pink, purple to orange.

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11 reviews for Starter Aquacultured Live Rock

  1. trevords123 (verified owner)

    Started a nano reef with 15lbs of this rock 5 months ago and wow. Stabilized system in a month with zero algae or dinoflagellate issues like you see in every dry rock tank nowadays. This is my 2nd order for live rock from KP and I will never go back to using garbage dry rock ever again.

  2. furdog999 (verified owner)

    Amazing rock a lot of Coraline algae coverage a lot of life and little hitch hikers can’t wait to get more

  3. johnjrconley (verified owner)

    Rock has way more life on it then any store rock I have ever seen. Lots of sponges and coraline algae. A lot of crabs came out of the rock in shipping so I threw them in the sump. Several big decent sized fan worms, some kind of shrimp, emerald crabs all came out rock as hitchhikers once I put in tank. Got enough variety in the 15 pound box to add plenty of color to rockwork in my 30 gallon fowlr and add a really big nice piece to my 55 reef. I can only hope some of the coraline algae strains on this rock spreads to my other rocks. Will definitely order for any future tanks I set up.

  4. floreycowers (verified owner)

    All I can say is what amazing rock! So many little hitchhikers, several small feather dusters, great coralline algae growth, several encrusting sponges and cool macro algae.

  5. hammondkymberley (verified owner)

    OMG!!!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!! I haven’t been a customer but for only less than a week. It has been love at first site!!!! Literally! LoL.
    I just got my order of live rock in today and I can’t stop watching it. There is something new everywhere I look! This is THE BEST rock I’ve ever gotten. BY FAR!!!! Also, the mysteries of what is on them? So far there was a baby star fish, baby crabs, a shrimp and even a fish (it looked like a small goby) they were so awesome to find in my shipment, but unfortunately those didn’t make it. BUT…I have a crab (that is hiding really good) two baby urchins, a clam and a lot of feather dusters!! This is what I’ve seen in the past few hours come out of the rock. Also, I have some type of mystery guest on one of my rocks that looks just like the rock but it moves and its about dime sized. Hoping to see what it is soon. I’m about to order more for my tank.!!!!!! KP Aquatics, you guys just rocked my world.
    Thank You!

  6. fugglebeans (verified owner)

    Excellent rock and I couldn’t be happier with it! I placed an order for 20 pounds and loved it so much that I came back an ordered an additional 40 pounds. Rocks are covered in life and and coralline algae. Sponges, tunicates, feather dusters, worms, and even a few small pencil urchins. I even have what appears to be a small lettuce coral that is starting to color up. Next day shipping to the west coast and there was minimal die-off and cycled within a week. Will definitely be ordering from KP again!

  7. steve.erekson (verified owner)

    For what I paid I feel this was a really great value. The rock had probably 75% or more coralline coverage on it and I got a few nice hitchhikers as well including a little swimming crab, pencil urchin, and serpent star.

  8. Matt Dowdney (verified owner)

    I ordered 30lbs, and am so happy I picked KP Aquatics. I wasn’t expecting much thinking it would be more of a base rock, and I’ll buy the nicer rock in a month or so. I opened up my box and man, purple, orange, yellow, red… you name it. There’s a little orange sea squirt, 4 little bristle stars, and that’s all within the first 48 hours. The next couple weeks have a lot of potential. This by far exceeds anything I can find in Cincinnati, OH.

  9. Anand Rajamani

    AWESOME! All the live rock was fantastic, I ordered 35 lbs and got about 6 pieces, perfect for starting my aquarium. One piece, even though I ordered ground shipping, had feather dusters on it and was as good as the $10/lb from my pet store. These guys are fantastic!

  10. Zachary McKenzie

    This base rock is great. It doesn’t have all of the life found on their premium rock but did have a little coralline algae. For the price you can’t go wrong. Ken and Kara are great to work with.

  11. John Mauser

    Beautiful base rock, good amount of coraline algae covering. This rock is better than the the supposed “live rock” that sells for $8/lb at the local shops. Buy from Ken, I’ve dealt with him many times and he has never disappointed.

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