Steel Blue Ricordea

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These are beautiful, steel blue ricordea polyps, Ricordea florida, from Florida

These are beautiful, steel blue ricordea polyps, Ricordea florida, from Florida.  These are single polyps (one mouth), and are not attached to any substrate.  They can take intense light, but will thrive in medium light conditions as well.  All of the ricordea we sell are extremely hardy and are great for any level of reef keeper, from the novice to the pros.  In the wild they eat the organic dust and silt that settles on them, so when feeding them dust them with food.

Ricordea reproduce primarily by division, so eventually the polyp will form two mouths and begin to divide.  If you are pondering doing this, I would suggest you do some more homework before you try it.

Ricordea ship real well by Priority Mail.

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8 reviews for Steel Blue Ricordea

  1. robert murdy

    Great looking ric! Mine was brighter than this picture shows. Thanks Ken.

  2. Kim matheny

    Opened up right after placing in the tank and just gets more colorful by the minute. Great product!

  3. michael mattox

    i got one of these and I am not a really big fan, maybe mine is not as well colored as some of the others people have gotten, but as far as rics go it is kind of dull, IMO.

  4. Debra Piedra

    These have a gorgeous color to them. Opened up immediately and is doing very well.

  5. Sharyn Z Wertz

    Absolutely beautiful. Looks just like the photo…only better! Has only been in the tank about a month and has already grown considerably. Loves to be handfed small pieces of frozen shrimp.

  6. Jeff Davis

    Ricordea arrived in good condition and looked just like the picture showed. The best Ive ever seen. Also shipping was cheap.

  7. Candace Daitch

    This is by far my favorite ricordea that I’ve gotten from Ken. While my others have grown and multiplied this one has remained a single polyp but it is HUGE, mine has a pink mouth and is just stunning and very unique looking. LOVE it!

  8. Kerry McIntyre

    I love this ricordea! The colour is amazing, and it was open in my tank within minutes.

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