Spiny Box Puffer

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Chilomycterus schoepfi, also known as Striped Burrfish, is a very entertaining fish for aquariums.    They are great eaters and get used to the normal feedings and will come right to the top of the tank when it is food time.  In the wild they eat primarily shellfish(crabs, shrimp, barnicles, clams etc.) but while they enjoy fresh crabs and shrimps, they also eat pellet food.  The burrfish get along with most types of fish, but will eat small invertabrates if given the opportunity.  For this reason, it is best to keep the burrfish to a fish only aquarium.  The burrfish that we sell are are 2 – 3 inches in length.

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1 review for Spiny Box Puffer

  1. Angela

    Just love this guy! “Porkie” takes food from my fingers and begs for more. Quite a personality and growing like a weed. Thanks Kara and Philippe…

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