Sunshine Damsel


Care level: Beginner

Minimum tank requirement: 30 gallons

Diet: Omnivore

Reef Safe : Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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Sunshinefish or Sunshine Damsel, will be around 1 to 1.5  inches

The Sunshine Damsel (Chromis Insolata) is a great addition to any enthusiasts tank. In the wild these fish are usually found in the Western Atlantic Ocean in schools. They belong to a species of fish in the Pomacentridae family. The Sunshine Damsel is also nicknamed Purple and yellow Chromis, Olive Chromis, and Sunshine Fish.

These beauties are relatively hardy and thankful fish. They grow to be about 6.3 inches long. They are beautifully yellow across their back, and lavender along the middle parts of the body with a white almost pearl like appearance on the stomach. When the Sunshine Damsel reaches the adult stage however, the vibrant yellow turns into an olive green above the body midline. This is where the Olive Chromis nickname stems from.

Being an Omnivore, the Sunshine Damsel likes to feed on a variety of things. They enjoy meaty items like planktonic crustaceans but also include herbivore flakes in their diet. Also giving them vitamin enriched foods will help to keep their colors bright and vibrant. We have great success with frozen mysis shrimp.

The Sunshine Damsel is considered to be relatively peaceful. It is recommended to keep them in schools of about 6 to 7. Make sure to give them plenty of room in your aquarium to roam and swim around openely.


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