Ultra Flower Anemone – Pack of 10g

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Ultra Flower Anemone, Epicystis crucifer, also called rock anemone or beaded anemone, are a uncommon anemones found through the Caribbean and Florida Keys.  They are also called flower anemones because of their bright colors and the often brightly colored mouths. Those variations of Ultra flower anemones are uncommon anemones compared to the more common colors which are found in very shallow water, so overall the supply is limited and sporadic. The average size is about 1 to 3 inches, but they can get as big as 4-5 inches. We find the Ultra flower anemones are smaller than their shallow water cousins. We try to fatten them up with a nice diet of mysis to increase their size.

These anemones are photosynthetic and like intense light. They are reef safe and don’t pose a real danger to most other reef critters (other than seahorses). The tentacles can sting small fish and shrimp, but they are not very effective at capturing small swimming critters. They will eat any small bits of meaty foods given to them, and will even eat pellet food. They are very hardy, and like most anemones, they ship well and can be sent by priority mail.

This 10 pack of flower anemones will a variation of colors and the pictures are examples of what colors can be available.

1 review for Ultra Flower Anemone – Pack of 10g

  1. Kenn Frantz (verified owner)

    Been reefing forever but I have never had a flower anemone. Saw a bunch of places online advertising beautiful pieces for $45-100 each. Found KP Aquatics and saw their prices were better for what appeared to be the same anemones (I will say it’s hard to tell on some sites because they take a little too much creativity with the color filters). A 10 pack was a risk at the total price and unknown product possibility – But I decided to give KP a shot. I was NOT disappointed. These little guys were great! I got a great selection almost all were completely different color combos and the couple that were “similar” were still very different in actual color and patterns. I could not be happier. Great anemones at a fantastic price (it pays to buy in bulk!).

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