West Indian Sea Egg

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West Indian Sea Eggs, Tripneustes Ventricosus. The urchins body is dark and densely covered with short, white spines. Their “long” tenticales make them a great addition to your tank. They are uncommon to Carribean but we find them occasionly.
These urchins are agressive algae eaters and will quickly eat any algae they can get to. They also have an interesting habit of collecting bits of stuff from the aquarium and carrying it around on their backs.

Nano: 0.75 to 1.25 inches

Normal: 1.5 to 3 inches

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2 reviews for West Indian Sea Egg

  1. Bill

    I have placed 4 or orders with KP and have never been disappointed. KP offers a incrediable selection of biodiversity at a price that cannot be beat.

  2. Steven

    I ordered a Nano Pin Cushion Urchin but since they were out, I was given the option for this little guy. I don’t regret my decision even a little. He’s a wonderful addition to my reef, colorful in his own way and completely obliterated my algae problem in less than a month. Now, I give him Nori every few days and he’s been a model citizen. A+ KPAquatics.

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