Wrasse Basslet


Care level: Intermediate

Minimum tank requirements: 60 gallon

Diet: Carnivore

Reef safe: Yes

Temperament : peaceful but territorial with own kind

Known for it’s beautiful and vibrant orange stripes along it’s back the Orangeback Basslet ( Serranus Annulari) makes a great addition to your aquarium. These fish can get up to 3.5 inches in size and require at least a 30 gallon tank to strive. Orangeback Basslets enjoy larger tank mates and get along with fish too big to eat. However, only one of these orange striped beauties per tank please. They will become territorial with it’s same species.


Being a carnivore, these fish enjoy brine shrimp or various chopped meat like squid, clam, krill, etc. 1-2 times a day. Nestled in rocks or caves is a Orangeback Basslets favorite place to be. Since it is a deep water fish and used to dark caves, make sure to add plenty of hiding places in your aquarium to make him feel right at home.


Being a hardy fish the Orangeback Basslet is a great choice even for beginner enthusiasts. Don’t forget to cover your tank or they can jump out if left you uncovered.

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Getting your hands on a Wrasse Basslet (Liopropoma eukrines) is like playing a game of where’s Waldo. Outside of it’s natural habitat this fish is very rarely seen in fish vending. It is interesting to see the metamorphosis of this fish from being simply yellow with a black stripe when young to being a rather light yellow to brownish red with a dark brown to red brown stripe all the way down it’s body from tail to the tip of the snout.

The Wrasse Basslet can grow to be 5 inches in length. It is a deep water fish found mainly in the Western Atlantic Ocean and loves dark hiding places. Being a carnivore, live meals like brine shrimp are highly preferred. If live food is not available you can also feed the Wrasse Basslet frozen shrimp or fish that is chopped in small pieces.


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