Wrasse Blenny


Care level: Intermediate

Minimum tank requirements: 20 gallon

Diet: Carnivore

Reef safe: Yes

Temperament: Peaceful

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The Wrasse Blenny (Hemiemblemaria simulus) belongs to the species of chaenopsid Blenny. Found primarily in the western Atlantic Ocean from southern Florida and the Bahamas all the way to Central America. In these waters, the Wrasse Blenny finds it’s home in holes amongst coral reefs. Even tho they love to hide in their protected holes, these fish will often come out to swim around freely in the open waters.

The Wrasse Blenny is unique. It changes colors throughout it’s different developmental stages. This particular Blenny also impersonates the Caribbean bluehead wrasse in certain color stages. However, one can always tell the two apart because the Wrasse Blenny has very distinctive red eyes.

This fish looks as if paint has been spilled over half of it’s body. The bottom half of the Wrasse Blenny is white while the top half is a yellow to greenish yellow with a black blotch on it’s front dorsal fin. They grow to be about 3.9 inches long.

Being a strict carnivore, the Wrasse Blenny enjoys feeding on small fin fish and crustaceans.


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