Yellow and White Flower Anemone

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This is a yellow and white flower anemone, Epicystis crucifer, from Florida. The tentacles are yellow and white, and the oral disk is white with specks of yellow in it.

Flower anemones are very hardy, reef friendly anemones that will add color and pizzazz to your reef tank. They are primarily photosynthetic, but will do best if fed small bits of fish, shrimp, clams, squid, or any other “seafood”. Most critters quickly learn to avoid the tentacles of the anemone and will live peacefully with the anemone. Some color s are more common than others so they may be available most of the time, but we’re trying to offer some really unusual colors, so they will come and go quickly. Some of the one of a kind flower anemones will be only sold on eBay to the top bidder, so look there for some additional colors.

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2 reviews for Yellow and White Flower Anemone

  1. Marcella

    This flower anemone is beautiful! It was small in the bag but once acclimated it immediately stuck to the rock that I placed it on and it hasnt moved. Im so happy with this little guy!

    He feeds just like my mini carpets or bubble tips, I fed it a little bit of shrimp and krill and it ate it up, later in the day it was all puffed up bigger.

    Ive only had him a day, Kara and Philipp packaged my order so great!, everything opened and thrived almost immediately!

  2. Jon Williams

    I just got my yellow and white flower anemone in today, stuck it to the rock where I wanted it and it opened up and it is beautiful. I can’t wait to see how it looks under the blue led night lights. It looks like it will glow really well.

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