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Yellow Finger Octocoral, Diodogorgia nodulifera, also called the colorful sea rod, is a deep-water, non-photosynthetic octocoral found off South Florida (and elsewhere in the Caribbean). There are two color phases of this species, this yellow phase and a red phase not pictured. Both have white polyps and both are pretty hardy.  The yellow phase seems to get bigger, sometimes 10 inches high, but the red phase seldom gets more than 6 inches high.  As with all non-hotosynthetic corals, you will need to feed them some sort of micro food, and it may need to be done at night. They will do best if the lighting is not very intense, so maybe find a shady place in your tank.  They also like strong currents, so try to place them in an area that gets moderate to strong water flow.

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5 reviews for Yellow Finger Gorgonian

  1. Felipe (verified owner)

    This Gorgonia looks great in my tank. I love the white polyps and how colorful it is even when it’s not open. There was no tissue loss during my shipment. Amazing quality.

  2. Amanda (verified owner)

    Simply amazing!!! I can’t say enough about this gorgonian!! It is so beautiful when opened, and it is opened pretty much all the time! The polyps started to extend only minutes after being introduced into my tank! Kara and Philipp sent the perfect size for my 15g nano. Thank you guys so much!!! Best company I’ve done business with!!

  3. Marcella

    I cannot say enough good things about this gorgonia! I was lucky enough to purchase a large one of these in the WYSIWYG section.


    Absolutely stunning! Makes me wish I had ordered the red finger as well!

  4. Phyllis Crubaugh

    What an incredible buy! All 3 came in today and look even better than the picture. Beautifully healthy, and polyps started popping out within 10 minutes of going into the tank. Jump on thsi one NPS lovers!

  5. Lovie Bey

    What a beauty! The coral sent was so large that my husband immediately fragged it and now we have two! Definitely buy from here—you won’t regret it!

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