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The 10 pack mix of multiple colors of Ricordea florida. This 10 pack will include orange andrainbow  ricordea. The ricordea are from Haiti and are in general smaller then the ricordea collected in Florida. We will make sure to get you a nice mix as well as single and multi mouth polyps.

Ricordea polyps are great starter “corals” and add a nice splash of color to any reef tank.  They come from fairly shallow water and are photosynthetic, so they will thrive in a well-lit aquarium.  The will derive most of their nutrition from the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, but some sort of supplemental micro food will be beneficial to them.  The get along with other color morphs of Ricordea florida, so you can mix and match as you please.

These are loose polyps that are not attached to any substrate.  They will attach to almost any clean substrate in your tank, or can be epoxied or superglued to whatever substrate you want.  Ricordea florida are extremely hardy corallimorphs that add lots of color and variety to your aquarium.  All ricordea are photosynthetic and will require moderate light to thrive.  They also will need to be fed some sort of planktonic food, much like you would use for corals.  We suggest light dusting with some sort of small particle food will do the trick.


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