15 LBS Dry Shelf Rock; 15 LBS Live Rock

Shelf Rock:

Nice flat pieces that fit well in my tank and worked well to make the base of my reef structure. The rocks are porous and have make areas for mounting frags. All of them had at least one flat side and they arrived in good condition with little rubble.

Live Rock:

This rock is really worth the money. It cycled in a week with very little ammonia and no noticeable die-off. I was worried about getting live rock, because descriptions of curing rock describe a long waiting time and strong smells. This is not the case with wet air shipped aquaculture rock. It cycled quick with no smell or even major fouling of the water. Here is what I received: I received eight rocks averaging about six inches in length in a variety of shapes. Some had arch like structures and large holes, all were porous. All of the rocks were thoroughly incrusted with coralline algae, pretty red macro algae, and sponges. I have a lot of purple coralline of various shades. As far as hitchhikers go I got numerous feather duster worms, one large one with a black and white striped fan, a lot of peanut or medusa worms, and other beneficial worms. As far as large hitchhikers, I received two pencil urchins, several brittle stars including one harlequin (black with white stripes), one asterea snail, and a few very small shrimp (mysis?) After being in my aquarium for over a week, everything is doing well except some recession of the sponges and some slight bleaching of some types of coralline. (Both of these are normal and expected due to the change in lights.) Once again, I highly recommend this product. As mentioned in other reviews, make sure to check the gunk in the bottom of the shipping bag. Pour it into whatever container you are using to rinse off the rock and let it settle out. This is were I found the brittle stars and larger urchin.

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