AMAZING Aquacultured Live Rock

I ordered 15 pounds for my Fluval Evo 13.5. I had no issues with KP Aquatics and the overnight delivery just with my UPS driver in D.C. who decided to come much later than he was supposed to. I opened the bags and just so much life regardless and color. Already seen several shrimp, crabs, and a flame scallop which blew my mind. I literally had to yeeeet my Petco live rock out of my tank because it was such a blemish in comparison to the KP live rock aquascape. You will not find this type of rock in any store, even without any fish in the tank I still stare at it mesmerized as if it were fully stocked. I was cognizant that the rock itself cost me as much as my aquarium and this is for a reason, you will not find the biodiversity or anything like this. Well worth every penny. I will for sure make another purchase down the road and highly recommend you do the same. No point in me attaching a photo of my own rock, since the pictures on their site really are what you can expect. Thank you!!

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