Completely new to the hobby

This is my first reef tank. I have a nuvo fusion 10 gallon. After doing my research, I heard about KP Aquatics and their quality of live rock. I bought the 10 pound nano package of cured live rock and it cured in 2 weeks. It could’ve been quicker, but this was my first time. After I got some advice from KP Aquatics to do a water change, the ammonia dropped to 0 within the next few days. The person that helped me replied very quickly and was super patient and open to helping me with anything. The customer service they offer is superb. Its been about 6 months since I purchased the rock, and my tank is flourishing. I’ve shopped at LFSs all around Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton, and even Sebring. None of these stores had rock in their display tanks that even looked like the rocks I got from KP Aquatics. My rocks are covered in coralline algae, had tons of feather dusters, sponges, all sorts of other critters and a number of things that died because I’m a beginner. I’m super happy that I started this hobby and that I used their live rock as the foundation for my reef tank.