Delayed Shipment

I recently ordered a mated pair of neon gobies, a mated pair of yellow headed jawfish, and a mated pair of banded coral shrimp from KP Aquatics. UPS delayed my shipment an extra day, so that instead of overnight delivery, it took two days for me to receive my order. Incredibly, everything was still alive after two days in the shipping box. The neon gobies and banded coral shrimp arrived in good condition. However, the pair of jawfish were really stressed out from the trip. I informed Philipp of the situation and he said he would extend his guarantee until the fish recovered. Unfortunately, both jawfish died a couple days later. Philipp sent me another mated pair of jawfish at no charge. The new pair arrived on time and in good health. KP Aquatics provides healthy, beautiful fish and invertebrates, and excellent service. I would recommend KP Aquatics to anyone, and I will certainly buy more livestock from the in the future.

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