Excellent ricordea, even during a pandemic.

Ordered a single yellow-eyed zoa polyp, and four ricordea: a blue, a rainbow, an orange, and an ‘oddball’. I asked for an orange ric with some blue on it if they had one, and for an oddball that wasn’t a color I already had. I got two yellow-eyed zoa polyps (which are very neat, I recommend getting them if some are in stock), a blue ric, a rainbow ric, an orange ric with some blue, and an oddball that’s an interesting shade of blue with a purplish rim. Three of the rics are about an inch to an inch and a half across, which I don’t mind because they’re very pretty, and the blue ric is nearly the size of my palm! Lemme tell ya, I was not expecting this guy to expand that much when I put him in the tank! Had to shuffle a couple of the other rics around to make space, once he’d gotten to full size.
I got nice corals at good prices, even considering that I had to go with express shipping because priority isn’t very reliable right now. Very happy. Will likely order again.

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