First order but there will be more

The three little masked gobies are always out and about. I am a little concerned that they are getting small enough food (I have given them rotifers, copepods, nano brine shrimp but none of those are regular items I feed except rotifers) but they are very cute and active. The sailfin blenny I have only seen once last week since I put him in the tank 10 days ago. He was sparing with his reflection in the glass. I hope he is still there-very cute. There is a lot of coral to hide in even though it is a small tank.
The rock beauty is in my big tank and is eating pretty well and neither the majestic nor the flameback angels are bothering him at all. He is a gorgeous fish. He stood up to a little bit of hazing from my pair of flame hawks. I am keeping my fingers crossed since I have read everywhere that he is a difficult fish to keep long term due to feeding issues.
I am pleased I found you as you have a nice selection that is very reasonably priced and healthy.

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