Great company, great animals, great service

I live in a very rural part of Northern Minnesota. Most things get here overnight, albeit later in the day. Ordered from KP and thanks to UPS, it took two days to get to me. Just about every fish was nearly dead from ammonia, five chromis and two tiny tangs. The mushrooms didn’t care and opened as soon as I put them in to the tank.

Doing a very quick (10 minute) acclimation to get them in clean water, ALL the chromis made it, and one of the tiny (less than an inch) tangs perked right up and now, roughly a week later is always begging for food. One didn’t make it, at no fault to KP. That’s on UPS, not them.

Oh, and I ordered four chromis, they sent five. I ordered two mushrooms, they sent three. Ordered 15lbs of live rock, they sent 18. Order a single mangrove to try out, they gave me an extra one.

Outstanding serve, price, and customer service.
Already thinking of another fish order!

Thanks to KP, very happy with the order!