Great quality service at a great price!

I’ve ordered twice now from Phil and Kara and they do a great job of delivering more than expected. Both orders were packed very well every fish and invertebrate I’ve ordered is still alive and doing great. I did have one type of fish I ordered not make it through the shipping but assumed that they might just not ship well. No worries because Phil gave credit for the next shipment. They also have thrown in extra fish, snails, crabs, starfish for anything lost which is a unexpected bonus.
All the fish I’ve ordered have been very clean and healthy. Once they come out of the quarantine tank and go to the bigger reef tank they are beautiful and eating very well. Some of the brightest prettiest fish I’ve had in years. If this company has it I’ll only buy it from here from now on instead of the bigger corporate stores I’ve ordered from in the past.
Thank you guys and please keep this place going. I’ve told lots of others about my great experiences ordering from here so hopefully they will use you as well. I prefer to support family owned American businesses if possible.