I ordered the 25 dwarf

I ordered the 25 dwarf seahorse’s, unicorn Tang two different basslets plus gorgonians and sponges. My entire order was great but the red tree Spong and frilly orange sponge look as if they touched air and look bad but the red ball sponge looks great.
My main order was for the dwarf seahorse’s and I had no DOA’s at all plus three extra. I’ve had them a week all are eating new hatched baby brine shrimp that I hatch every day. I’ve already had 2 of the male’s give birth the one had six babies and other had nine. I’ll add a picture so look close and you’ll see my babies. I just love them little colts. This is a great place to order from and I’ll order again in the future. The key to raising dwarf seahorse’s is only use a 3.5 to 5 gallon tall round or bow front tank with bare bottom and a couple fake plants. for a filter use a Penn Plex small world air pump filter that are half foam and half charcoal and 3 or 4 astrea snails. You can buy replacement filter packs that can be rinsed out and re used several times. Because the foam is only dirty because baby brine get sucked up. And always have baby new hatched shrimp in there tank always. Have it look like it’s a barley able to see snow storm if you keep this way you’ll only need to add once a day. Thanks ,Steve

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