Received my first order from KP Aquatics yesterday, and I am more than pleased. Everything arrived alive and in good shape, and there were even a couple freebies thrown in! Seriously, I haven’t seen better quality gorgonians or rock flower nems at any LFS, and the cerith snails, serpent star , and ricordea I ordered are great.

I have to share this: my wife was LIVID that I had purchased even more sea life than I already had. I mean I was in the doghouse for days. Luckily, my order from KP Aquatics arrived while she was out of the house, and I was able to add everything to the tank in peace. When she came back and saw everything in the tank . . . her whole demeanor changed. She became just as awed and enamored by it all as I am.

This household will definitely be ordering from KP Aquatics again.