Incredible service amazing sealife

I have been working with KP Aquatics for years and after ordering from other suppliers in the past KP is now supplying all of my live rock and livestock for several very good reasons. After several hundred lbs of live rock spanning many orders I’ve never been disappointed. They always know how to handle the rock and preserve as much sea life as possible. The life on their rock is diverse and colorful from encrusting algae, sponges, tunicates and corals to the many species of crabs, nudibranches, shrimp, urchins etc. Bad hitchhikers are a rarity. We never tire of observing the great colors and new creatures that appear sometimes months or even years after shipment.
The care they put into the collection, keeping and shipping of livestock is obvious when unboxing where we find living and healthy specimens ready for your tank every time. As many know, and judging from the number lost fish from other suppliers, Its a tricky business keeping fish alive through shipping. Yet at KP Aquatics they have some uncanny ability to do it over and over again. The survival rate of fish and other livestock from KP Aquatics far exceeds the rates from anywhere else and I’ve worked with many.

Thanks Kara and Philipp for being the best and friendliest in the business.

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