Is great place to buy saltwater tropical fish and vertebrates etc.

I have a 500 gallon saltwater fish tank I’ve had for years now. I’ve been buying tropical fish for over 25 years, And always had problems with a lot of different is the different companies and fish. I’ve been purchasing my fish from KP aquatics for the last couple years. I’ve just recently had an electrical issue that Took out my pumps while I was out on vacation. All my fish had died. I had to purchase new fish from KP aquatics, And as usual everything arrived healthy stress free and everything was eating the next day and is still doing fine in my tank. Now I’m just waiting for KP aquatics is audix to get more fish that I’ve been looking for and that I lost and I’m looking forward again to purchasing more fish from KP aquatics. I highly recommend KP aquatics to anyone out there new or old and the profession. Thank you again Phil and Kara!You guys are awesome 👌 👏 👍.

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