KP Aquatic’s professionalism sets the standard

I owe Kara and Philipp two reviews, one for a shipment of live rock I ordered back in February of 2015 and another for a CUC/Invert order I received today… Live Rock – In order to kick off a new reef tank, I ordered 10 pounds of uncured live rock from KPA via fed ex back in February of 2015. Since then I have picked up additional live rock from a variety of retail and wholesale sources as my business travel often permitted. To this day, the KPA aqua-cultured rock outshines the most expensive imports, whether it be Fiji, Vanatu, or Marshall Islands. The quantity and quality of life emerging from KPA uncured rock was shocking and even with 38 years in the hobby, I was still uncovering the marvel and diversity of new marine life. CUC / Inverts – Whether it be snails, urchins, hermits or shrooms, minimizing the time spent in transit from the reef to your tank makes a huge difference resulting in quick acclimation with minimal loss of livestock. That aspect combined with Kara and Philipps knack for cherry picking quality inhabitant for your slice of the reef truly elevates the enjoyment of this hobby to a new level. One last item – KPA rocks at returning correspondence, no matter how mundane, wild or obscure – a mark of the true professional. With Warm Regards, Drew (Go Gators!)