Our KP Aquatics Visit

Kara and Philipp,

Thank you for letting us stop by on Monday.  It was great to meet both of you and see your operation.  It’s wonderful to see how much care you put into everything you do.  You are to be commended for your commitment to providing wild caught marine life with as little impact to the environment as possible.   

 The ricordeas, mushrooms, zoas and crabs passed through TSA security without a question or comment.  Everything is doing very well in our tanks.  The beautiful orange and purple with green skirt ricordea florida looks very happy in its new home.  I feel so honored you let me have it.  It will be my centerpiece ric!

 One of the main reasons we extended our vacation was so we could visit your warehouse.  Thank you again for letting us stop by!

Jean & Pete,

Steve, Tracy & Skyla