KPA Aquacultured Live Rock is simply the BEST!

The live rock came in this morning and what can I say, I’m extremely impressed! I placed a 15lbs order and asked Philipp if I could have smaller rocks sent for my nano. He obliged…. Right when I opened the box and it smelled like a nice morning at the beach and a low tide, told me all I needed to know! The rocks were well packed, fresh, and full of life. Right out of the box I had 3 urchins, a chiton, a large fan worm, and a really cool looking snail! I bet there’s plenty more in there.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with live rocks and if there’s any of you out there with hesitation, don’t! KPA will take care of you and send you the best. Take a look at the pics from my order.

A+ selection of rocks and for the extreme care with shipping.