Live Rock

I recently purchased approximately 75 pounds of live rock from KP Aquatics (40 pounds premium and 35 pounds starter). I found their service and communication to be top notch. The rock (shipped in water) arrived as promised and picking it up from the airport was painless. Upon opening, the rock smelled fresh and was covered in coralline algae, just as advertised. Over the last week the cycle on my new tank has been extremely soft (ammonia never exceeded 0.3) and the rock is coming to life. I went with aquacultured live rock to fast track my aquarium. I previously used aquacultured rock and enjoyed the various hitchhikers that came along for the ride. The experience with KP has been no exception. Over the last week I’ve literally observed the rock “come to life”. Positive confirmed hitchhikers so far include 3 mithrax crabs, a slate-pencil urchin, multiple small brittle stars, spaghetti worms, two unidentified 1/2 inch snails, and at least one unobserved pistol shrimp (hear the snapping but haven’t spied him as of yet). Every night I have found something new. All in all, I have been very pleased with the KP experience and would definitely do it again.

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