Live rocks shipped in water

First time reefer here, I received 15 lbs of live rocks from KP aquatics this morning , which they shipped in water (upon request) overnight. I was positively impressed by the experience:

+ Packaging was meticulous, there was no leaks, they triple bagged all the rocks , with individual wraps and an additional black waterproof layer in between. There was also an ice pack in there, When I opened the package, there were no odor which was not what I expected and the sponges look good
+ The rocks look amazing , they are various shapes and covered by different colors of algae patches (I don’t know what kind, lol)
+ We found many live things on and off the rocks, and it was an exciting treasure hunting experience for both me and the kids 🙂 what I think we found (thanks to some r2r help on id’ing ) a huge brittle star and 3-4 smaller ones, a horse conch, a couple snails, an urchin, 3 little crabs, 2 gorilla crabs, spaghetti worm, eunicid worm and other unknown worms
+ Also some coral and algae that I can’t name, and a nice feature duster
+ I was really worried about mantis shrimp after reading some posts, I don’t think there’s one (not yet)

Had I knew how amazing these rocks are I wish I could order more , instead of ordering a mix of live rocks and dry rocks. But Philipp from KP told me they could only ship 15lb in water with UPS to make sure secure packaging.

Anyhow , would highly recommend.

You can find more photos in my r2r post:

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