New Denizens for a Nano

I ordered a Royal Gramma and some Checkered Nerites, Ceriths, and Blue-legged Hermits, and they all arrived in excellent shape! The packaging was particularly impressive; double-bagged with plenty of oxygen, all within a sturdy insulated box with the warming packet (since I ordered in January) so everyone was cozy and warm. The Royal Gramma was particularly sassy upon arrival, which was heartening to see (although he’s still a bit shy in the tank, hiding amongst my Sea Grape Caulerpa). I will definitely order from KP Aquatics again!

1 thought on “New Denizens for a Nano

  1. Well I’ve been reading ALL the wonderful comments about KP Aquatics and trust me guys. Y’all have gained my trust. I’ll be ordering Rock, Corals and Fish. I’m ecstatic already.

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