Order feedback

I found KP Aquatics while searching on the web for a place to buy gorgonians. The gorgonians are sourced from the Caribbean and collected by the divers who own the business. The business is family owned and I find it refreshing to correspond with the individuals doing the collecting and most importantly have experience in how to care for the organisms and how best to ship them. The Gorgonians I’ve received in the past from other sites arrived in a bag of colored water with a completely deteriorated organism. The gorgonians I received from KP Aquatics not only arrived completely intact but opened up immediately after I acclimatized them. The hermit crabs were in similarly great shape (with extras included) and Phillip found a basket star and barnacles I had been looking for and shipped them together at no charge.  The packing of each organism was individualized to ensure they each made the trip in as stress free way as possible (e.g. the basket star was on a small square of netting to hang onto). I really appreciated the small business, individualized service provided by Phillip (and Kara) and look forward to ordering from them again.