Perfect specimens shipped 3000 miles super fast with no problems!

I had read and heard great things about KP Aquatics, but had been out of the hobby for a few years, so hadn’t had the chance to make a purchase. When I restarted my tank in mid-2020, I was looking for a variety of critters and a few smaller corals, and KP had most of what I was looking for. I was hesitant due to the shipping distance (I’m in the Pacific Northwest) but the package arrived in my hands in something like 12 hours from Florida!!! They included a few extras in case anything died, but so far, I think I might only have lost a couple of snails (out of a hundred or so), and that may be because a few of the hermits had shell envy! In any case, great company to do business with, will buy from again, and encourage anyone considering it to give these great folks your business. Thanks so much and happy reefing!

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