The Definition of perfection

I have been in the reef tank hobby for 30+ years. My father was in the hobby for the longest time as I grew up, even owning a reef supply store, long before the idea of frag plugs and buying zoas per polyp even existed. It’s been a struggle to find a store, any store that not only takes pride in what they do, but has the prices to match. I was literally at a loss of words this morning when my package arrived at 9am. Was shipped out yesterday at 7pm. From the packaging, to the delicate care of each product, to the vacuum sealed bags and the size of the specimens ordered…..I can only applaud you and say Thank You. The gorgonians were healthy and great size. The red tree sponge was amazing and vibrant in color. Solid 10 inches tall and thick as a quarter. None of that 1″ frag plug for $50 shit. This is quality product, at an equally great price. The owner even took my call afterwards and told me how to place in my tank and answered a few questions I had. You have gained a customer for life and I will be sure to tell everyone to go to you. Again. a big THANKS. It’s well deserved and earned

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